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Water softeners and water conditioners are the same, these are interchangeable terms. A water softener or water conditioner is a device used in homes, restaurants, carwashes and many other industries to remove dissolved minerals from water. Soft water is considered water free from hard minerals – typically calcium and lime from your city or well water.


Aqua Perfection Water Softeners provide top of the line protection throughout Michigan against the numerous problems that hard water can pose in your household.


Our durable and efficient water softeners are the best solution to the poor water quality that affects so many of us.

Hard Water & Scale

Hard Water & Scale

Iron & Sulfur

Iron & Sulfur

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water

Water Treatment Options

Water Treatment


Iron in your water can be a real inconvenience to deal with. There are many different types of iron that can be in your water. While some types of iron will make your clothes stain red and leave nasty stains all around the house wherever water is found, other types of iron are not as visible, such as iron bacteria. Regardless of the type of iron, you simply do not want it in your water. Aqua Perfection Water Systems has iron removal systems that do a great job in eliminating iron from your water leaving your white clothes white – not pink, orange or red!


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Sulfur Removal Systems

Sulfur water is a condition where your water contains a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas that escapes into the air when the plumbing line is opened, giving a distinct “rotten egg” smell. This rotten egg smell is unpleasant and it literally stinks up your house. Anyone who has to live with sulfur in their water already knows plenty about the smell, but Aqua Perfection Water Systems can remove it today!


Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you are looking for a high quality drinking water system you should first look at a reverse osmosis water filtration system. For the highest quality drinking water, reverse osmosis should be your #1 choice. A reverse osmosis water filter system can typically remove up to 99% of all water impurities* from your drinking water. The best water filtration system will always use reverse osmosis to purify your water because nothing else is as effective at providing high quality drinking water.


The Aqua Perfection Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System features a four-stage prefilter, membrane, and postfilter housed in a single cartridge. The fifth stage, an in-line carbon filter, is placed between tank and faucet. The high capacity sediment prefilter removes dirt, silt and other suspended solids; the granular activated carbon (GAC) prefilter removes chlorine taste and odor: the 50 gpd reverse osmosis membrane removes salts and other impurities; a GAC postfilter provides fresh-tasting, clear drinking water.


Green By Design

The Aqua Perfection Reverse Osmosis uses the latest in system design and membrane technology to reduce the amount of water down the drain by 50%.


Easy to Maintain

Yearly maintenance is quick and easy. Simply remove the cover and replace the main cartridge – no complicated plumbing connections, no tools required. The in-line postfilter utilizes easy quick-connect fittings.

Whether you’re looking for office or home water filtration, Aqua Perfection Water Systems can help target the perfect solution to match your needs. It’s like having a bottled water company under your sink!


Testing of your water by a water expert is the key to determining if you have a water problem, how to solve your problem and what equipment and service you need to protect your family and home. Delicious, refreshing water is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  • Call 1-844-763-8426 or fill out the form on the right of the page and have Aqua Perfection schedule a Free Water Analysis for your home.

  • Aqua Perfection Water Systems will come to your home and provide a complete analysis of your water, fixtures, and plumbing as well as any and all water-using appliances. We will answer any questions you have about your water and provide a detailed report and equipment estimate. The whole process takes about 30 minutes and will be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you. Remember that this is a FREE public service – there is no cost or obligation associated with an Aqua Perfection Water Systems Free Water Analysis.

  • If you decide Aqua Perfection Water  Systems option is best for you, a trained and certified Aqua Perfection Water Systems service professional will install your new unit to your satisfaction.